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Me untidyFunctions he/him Minor August 7 • A.K.A MeowcaTheoRange (or just Theo) • OSS Enthusiast • Average GRiZ enjoyer • Fictional Esoteric Language Sufferer
Hi! I'm Theo, otherwise known as Thaero or MeowcaTheoRange online. I like doing stupid shit. It's how I express myself and who I am as a person.
Personally, I believe self-expression is important. I would like people to see who I am and what I like. I love making things, and developing applications or games. It's my goal to get as much people to see my work as possible. I'm proud of it, and this is just how I roll.
DNI/Pet Peeves
DNI if you:
• Use slurs you can't reclaim
• Are overly sexual, ALL of the time.
• Are Microsoft, Google, or any other large company. /s
• Are a series of precarious setups made to work together in a strained environment (e.g. a heavy box on a small desk or a bodged application/tool put into production)
Examples Of My Work
Here are some examples of my creative work. Notice how I never have "just one" website for everything? I am incredibly indecisive on what I make my work in or where I put my work on.
My interests are Graphic Design, Programming, Computer Science, and Art, as well as some new talents in Music and Sound Design, 3D Design, Presentation Design (Google Slides) and Story Writing.
Some non-creative interests I have are Rhythm Games, Free Software (particularly in the GNU/Linux space), and Organizing Data In Specific Ways. I am a neat freak when it comes to storing information. Do not test me.
Thaero Rhange (trollsona)
Hi, have you ever read Homestuck? No? Good, good. We're off to a great start. Anyway, if you do know Homestuck, that's great! I haven't read it fully, which I hope is reasonable. It's over 8000 pages long, and I don't really have that kind of time. Sorry, AH. Anyway, I hope you've also heard of my trollsona, Thaero! He's my pride and joy and want everyone to look at him. Look at him.
3D version
This 3D version of my sona is kind of the primary thing of how I want Thaero to look overall. Any changes I make to this model are changes I'll make to any drawings of him as well. This was first thought of in a late-night dilemma to try desigining a VRChat avatar. It took 2 days to make. It was worth it. He looks good -- I'll have to work on the weight painting and culling, but he looks good for a first try! Applications used: Blender, Unity3D, Krita
2D (original) version
Oh, MAN! Look at him! This is the original design of Thaero. No ponytail, tiny horns, and black pupils. Boring. I'm kidding, of course. You do have to start somewhere, at least. And this is indeed that somewhere.
Quaver (game)
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I play Quaver occasionally. It's a fun game to pass the time when I'm bored, or something. I think I'm good at it - check my scores and see for yourself, I guess. For reference, PianoLuigi's global rank is #, with a performance rating of . Another reference is a friend of mine (ChromaZeph). His global rank is #, with a performance rating of .
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I like making stories and lore, it's a favourite pastime of mine! I love making up stupid shit about my work and characters in order to maybe make them canon to my lore!
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